“The clinic has a very professional team without forgetting the unbeatable treatment they offer the patient. The results offer no doubt. Dr. Romagnoli has extensive experience as well as his nursing team and other assistants. Reference clinic in the hair graft.”
“La clínica cuenta con un equipo muy profesional sin olvidar el inmejorable trato que ofrecen al paciente. Los resultados no ofrecen ninguna duda. El Dr. Romagnoli cuenta con gran experiencia así como su equipo de enfermería y demás auxiliares. Clínica de referencia en el injerto capilar.”
“I have had the great luck of working with Dr. Romagnoli and the great family that makes up his team. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with me!”
"Delighted with the Marco Romagnoli Clinic, delighted with the workers and with Marco, a great surgeon and person and especially María José who has helped me with my doubts, whether it's a weekend or now, a great team and Clinic."
"Before the hair operation, I entered with the typical fears that you are going to perform an important operation (because it is) and after those fears (that I am in the middle of the process, five months or so) I can say that I have gained not only in physical appearance, but those that are most important to me, my own self-esteem and all this for the great team of professionals who have made me spend those moments as pleasant as possible with their human and family treatment headed by Dr Marco"
"After giving it a thousand laps and having doubts, I saw an interview of Marco on a TV channel, it seemed sincere and I went to meet him. When I spoke with him he gave me confidence despite knowing that mine was not easy, I decided to give the step. The work they did for me was perfect with a great team at their side, with simplicity and kindness. I like what I start to see. A hug for everyone."
From the first moment I met Dr. Marco, I was so confident for the implant that I asked for an appointment that same day. When he arrived at his clinic, the reception of his great team was so human that he had the feeling of knowing them for a lifetime. The close treatment, honesty, cordiality and great affection of all of them, makes it much easier. "I would repeat it"
"Operated a year and two months ago by Dr. Marco Romagnoli, a great professional in hair surgery, excellent patient care and follow-up. Very satisfied with the operation, excellent results."
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“After 9 months of hair transplant with his treatment at his Clinic in Valencia, always pending month after month to see the personalized progress of each of his patients, so I feel very happy with the treatment and much more the result.”
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